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Headline: "Join us Monday in Las Vegas for panels and/or cocktails"
Early registration for the 2007 RAIN Las Vegas Summit has closed, but a very limited number of reservations logoare available today only for $120. A limited number of $150 "day of" passes will be available at the door. Guests may also attend a single panel for $20. Also, note that the cocktail party immediately following the Summit is an open invite to all industry professionals visiting Las Vegas on Monday.

To take advantage of today's $120 advance registration, simply click on the PayPal button below:


SaveNetRadio Coalition launch
scheduled for early Monday morning

In a just-announced addition to the day's activities, a new coalition of webcasters, broadcasters, musicians, independent record labels, and music retailers — the SaveNetRadio Coalition — will announce a national campaign to generate public support for Congress to overturn the CRB royalty rate decision in an 8:15am PDT (11:15 EDT) press conference (via teleconference).

Featured speakers on the call will include:

  • Courtney Delaney from Outbound Music - Houston based webcaster and retailer
  • Eyeball Records – New Jersey based independent record label
  • Johnie Floater - Live365
  • Kurt Hanson - AccuRadio
  • Joe Kennedy - Pandora
  • Roots Music Association
  • Sol’Jibe – A Reno, Nevada based band

(Journalists interested in dialing into the call may contact Jake Ward at Qorvis at 202-420-8056 or jward-"at" [remove dashes and replace "at" with @ symbol].)

Confirmed speakers for the RAIN Summit include (latest additions in maroon):

Platinum sponsors:  
Lunch sponsor:
Cocktail party sponsors:  
dot fm
Abacast AccuRadio

Tickets via PayPal are $120 today only. If you are reserving seats for more than one person, please e-mail us at For the full Summit page, click here.

PETITION UPDATE: Please keep Internet radio alive!
was at over 56,149 signatures as of 1PM CT today (up from 51,000 last Friday). Today's sample signature:
# Name Thanks to Internet radio, have your CD (or music download) purchases (01) gone up, (02) stayed the same, or (03) gone down? Do you feel that the existence of Internet radio helps or hurts the music industry? Other comments
53113 Priscilla Chakwin 01 Helps. If you don't hear the music, how will you know it exists? If you don't know it exists, there goes the whole purchasing thing. Internet radio has much better variety than local radio... If it weren't for internet radio, no one would even have a clue as to what they were hearing. FM radio has largely done away with identifying the music they play.
Internet radio listeners are currently signing this petition to Congress at the rate of several hundred listeners every hour -- with most of them adding insightful comments about their music purchase behavior!  (Read more comments here.) If you'd like to link to this petition from your website, you'll find tools (banner, buttons, PSAs) and links at RAIN's Another petition with tens of thousands of additional signatures is available, if you prefer its design, here.
Headline: "Canadian radio vet holds webcast, satellite investments"
From The Globe & Mail:
"The Slaight family has hung on to a handful of assets that were not included in the sale to Astral Media Inc., including its iceberg radio40% stake in Sirius Satellite Radio [Canada], and its holding in Internet broadcaster Iceberg Radio.

"Astral chief executive officer Ian Greenberg said Astral has experimented with streaming audio on the Internet and gary slaightcame to the conclusion that it 'does not make financial sense for us.'

"And satellite radio is not likely to have a significant impact on the traditional radio business,he said. 'Our vision is that terrestrial radio is a core business for us and we want to concentrate on [it].'

"Standard Radio CEO Gary Slaight (pictured) said he disagrees with Astral's assessment of the potential for both Internet and satellite radio, and he is happy to keep those assets...

"Mr. Slaight said he decided to sell the bulk of the company's businesses because he was 'kind of tired' of radio after working in it for 35 globe and mailyears...

"Mr. Slaight said he has not yet decided what the family will do with the proceeds from the sale, but he said he will look at a number of options, including investing in the music business. The Slaights already own a stake in Canadian record label Maple Music."

Read the entire article at the Globe & Mail.


Headline: "WSJ: CBS roots down across Net, parnters for added distro"
From the Wall Street Journal: "In a deepening of its online reach, CBS Corp. made a flurry of deals to distribute network TV shows and other video cbsprogramming to various Web portals, including MSN and AOL.

"CBS announced agreements which will make available to these portals previously aired full episodes of shows... and certain sports programming. Aside from MSN... and AOL,... [CBS] made an agreement with Joost, an online-video service founded by the creators of the Internet-telephone service Skype. CBS will become the first broadcast network to sign with Joost.

"The company is also in talks to have a new NBC Universal-News Corp. venture distribute its shows on a nonexclusive basis.

joost"Designed to compete with Google Inc.'s YouTube, the still-unnamed NBC-News Corp. venture makes TV shows, music and studio movies available on Google rivals such as News Corp.'s MySpace and Yahoo Inc...

"The Internet deals reflect CBS's strategy of making its content as widely available as possible on the Internet while maintaining maximum control...

"The scope of the CBS deals would give the company more Internet-wsjdistribution partners than any other major media company...

"Much of CBS's programming is available online, either through its own Web site, Apple Inc.'s iTunes store, or through other limited agreements. For instance, CBS started making '60 Minutes' available on Yahoo last fall."

Read the entire article at the Wall Street Journal.


Headline: "Study: Mobile music users will stomach ads for free content"
From AdAge: "... Arbitron and Telephia, in a study released this week, found the mobile-audio space has lots of room for growth — and that an arbitronad-supported model is most attractive when it comes to getting users to consume mobile content.

"Some 49% of all mobile phone users are using their mobile phones for text messages, music and other uses besides simple voice calls, but, at the moment, only one in 16 mobile-phone subscribers are using the devices for audio features. Of those, almost two-thirds have transferred either music or other audio content from another device, such as a PC or MP3 player.

"The study found that most mobile-audio users are in those sought-after, hard-to-reach males aged 25 to 44,... Surprisingly, the study found 31% listened to music on their mobile devices — not on the go, but at home, where the phone served as a 'personal third screen entertainment platform,'...

"For marketers restless to get ad agetheir ad messages on the third screen, the study was one of the first where consumers indicated they were interested in advertising on their mobile phones, albeit in exchange for free mobile content."

Read the entire article at Ad Age.


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